Prints and postcards for book loving art-lovers and art loving book-lovers

Beautiful that you're here, you can see impressions of my beloved, little art studio here. My dearest employees and models: books, paper cranes, paper boats and all the wonderful things that can arise from paper and book pages. On the easel I create my acrylic paintings, which I use for the postcards. And you can also see the etching press; I need it to print my art graphics.

Already as a small child I loved to paint and to read, recognized art as my vocation and made it later my profession. My second passion is reading. I associate the love for art and books with my book-art printings.

Book pages and paper inspire me as a material and as a theme. I let old, beloved books tell a new story as upcycling-art prints. Children with their boundless imagination, let the things that arise from paper get real in my motifs. Paper cranes emerge as living birds, paper ships get floating, from books are growing trees. These carry dreams, desires and fantasies into the book sky ... fly and fly and fly ... on and over the letters sea .... the navigation goes towards Phantasia. The land, were words and paper awake to life.

I hope you will like it there, all the best
Dorothea />

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